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How to become a customer at Sparbanken Tanum without a Swedish personal identification number

If you lack a Swedish personal identification number and wish to become a customer at Sparbanken Tanum, you need to be able to identify yourself and explain why you need a bank account. Below is a checklist of the information the bank requires from you to become a customer at Sparbanken Tanum. Once you have submitted the documents, and we have reviewed them to ensure everything is in order, we will call you to schedule a meeting.

What happens next?

Once you have sent us the documents, we will read them and check that everything is correct. If there is any missing information in your application or if something needs to be completed, it is important that your contact and address details are included in the material you submit so that we can reach you. Once we have processed your documents, we will call you to arrange a meeting. It is important that you bring your original passport or national ID card to the meeting.

This is why we ask questions

According to the law (Act on measures against money laundering and terrorist financing), we as a bank may not open accounts or carry out banking transactions unless we know why the customer needs a bank account and how it will be used. It is therefore important that you can identify yourself with a valid foreign passport and answer why you need to open a bank account.